16 Compassion Partners Needed

Compassion Country Brazil

If 16 people each gave $22 a month we could broadcast the gospel to 21 million in Brazil.


Monthly Broadcast

32 shows On Cross TV Network

Total Cost

$340 Per Month

Network Reach

21 Million Potential Viewers
16 (people) X $22 (a month) = $352.

Make a difference

Jude 22 says "And some having compassion, making a difference." Through our Compassion Partner and Compassion Church programs we are able to effectively reach entire countries with the message of the Gospel. These programs are recorded in our CMI studies and broadcast via satellite to over 2.5 billion potential viewers.

If you can't give you can still pray

Even if you cannot give at this time we invite you to partner with Christian Media International in prayer. Join us as we strive to reach the world with the Gospel. Join our Prayer Partners Mailing List for regular updates, testimonies and opportunities about what God is doing through media around the world.
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