Ghana For Christmas

During Christmas we read and remember the story of Jesus's birth. Luke chapter 2, verse 17 tells us, “they made know abroad” the coming of the Savior of the world. Christian media international and fundamental Baptist church of Ghana west Africa have been given an unprecedented opportunity. The number one watched television station in Ghana has given Pastor Ted Speer the time to preach on this station that will reach every home with the TV in the country.

$20,000 will allow them to produce and air this programming for an entire year. To help you understand the enormity of this station, it would be comparable to what we know is NBC in America, where over 90% of all Ghanaians watch.

At Christmas time there are many ways you can give. We are asking on behalf of the people and souls of Ghana west Africa that this project be near the top of that list. Our goal is to raise $20,000. During this Christmas season if you are burdened about sharing the gospel please donate now.

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