Media, missions, coffee…a perfect combination. A donation for CMI. Coffee for you. The gospel for Colombia.

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Launch Colombia is our effort to take the gospel to the entire country of Colombia. The financial goal is to raise $20,000 in total. The first $10,000 will go towards the equipment that is necessary to build a video studio that can capture and edit the programs for television. $5,000 will be used to send a team to Colombia to build that video studio for Pastor Aaron Vance and the church there. $5,000 will be to then pay for the air time of the first year over the country of Colombia.

Our Mission

Our partner in Colombia is missionary Aaron Vance. He has planted many churches in his time in the country. He has a wonderful pastor and seeks to take the gospel message to the people of Colombia. It will be the members of this church that will be trained to operate the studio that will produce the television programming. Pastor Vance will also gather the responses from the programs and follow up on those individuals. Please pray what the Lord would have you give to this Launch Colombia campaign.

Because Coffee is a new coffee brand here in Dawsonville, Georgia that is a coffee roasting business. Our shop has opened and our coffee roaster, Doug Cole, has roasted some amazing coffee, some Colombia coffee just for you. We want to share some of that with you. By every gift of $40 you will receive one of these bags of premium roasted Colombian coffee. If you’re interested in helping out, check out the opportunity below.

We only need $20,000 to build a studio, train the technicicans and pay for a year of TV broadcasts. It’s easier than ever to be involved with CMI. Plus, we’d love to share our new coffee with you and see what you think.

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Twenty individuals giving $20.00 (USD) a month can reach the entire country. Join CMI as a Compassion Partner today.
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One church can sponsor an entire country! If your church is interested in being a CMI Compassion Church let us know.
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Anything you give today will go towards getting the Gospel to Colombia. Plus, we'll send you free coffee.

Roasted on Purpose

For a donation of $40 or more we will send you a free bag of coffee to you. We’ve got a special Colombian roast from our partner, Because Coffee.

If you donate the full $20,000, Tim and Doug will actually fly to your house with a bag of coffee, grind it, brew it and they’ll pour it for you! They can’t drink it for you, but they’ll pour it for you.

God’s opened up a huge door in the country of Colombia and we felt like offering brand new coffee with the opportunity to get the gospel to an entire country would be a pretty awesome thing. If you want to check out our brand new coffee roasting company that we just started, head over to Because.Coffee and see what’s going on in the world of coffee!

Launch Colombia

Would you please consider joining with CMI now and making a donation to get the gospel to Colombia.