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Media, missions, coffee…a perfect combination. A donation for CMI. Coffee for you. The gospel for the Middle East. See how below.

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Everyone Deserves to Hear

In our generation we have been given the tools of television, internet, radio and many other media outlets to facilitate in getting the Gospel to places it has never been able to go. Christian Media International is at the forefront of saturating the globe with the truth of God’s word. Christian Media International records and produces television broadcasts. We then raise funds to air those broadcasts on television in the countries that speak those languages.


We Record Programming

25 Languages Recorded

We Distribute Programming

2.5 Billion Potential Viewers

We Plant Churches

102 Churches Started

Making a Difference

Jude 22 says "And of some have compassion, making a difference...". Through our Compassion Partner and Compassion Church programs we are able to effectively reach entire countries with the message of the Gospel. These programs are recorded in our CMI studios and broadcast via satellite to over 2.5 billion potential viewers.

CMI Compassion Partner
Individuals Making a Difference

A Compassion Partner joins with CMI to sponsor monthly TV broadcasts. For a recurring monthly gift of just $22 you can sponsor one program per week every month. Each program will be broadcast weekly via satellite to all the countries that speak this language.

Be a Compassion Partner

CMI Compassion Church
Extending the Church’s Reach to the World

A Compassion Church partners with CMI to fund an entire month’s worth of programming for one specific country. This recurring monthly donation will be used to broadcast the gospel to an entire country, support a national pastor, and be used to plant churches on the field.

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Prayer Partners

Even if you cannot give at this time we invite you to partner with Christian Media International in prayer. Join us as we strive to reach the world with the Gospel. Join our Prayer Partners Mailing List for regular updates, testimonies and opportunities about what God is doing through media around the world.
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Our Team

The team at Christian Media International works diligently to promote the distribution of the Gospel around the world. Together they have over eighty years of combined experience in media and marketing and have just as many years in church service in various capacities. All CMI team members have served as Pastors, teachers, church planters, missionaries and lay leaders. This blend of church leadership and media experience gives CMI a unique perspective into the world of church missions.