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The team at Christian Media International works diligently to promote the distribution of the Gospel around the world. The first foreign broadcast went to the country of India in the Telegu language. Christian missionaries had been expelled from the country, but CMI had a wide-open door through television to preach the gospel to tens of millions of people. This opportunity spread fast as thousands came to Christ and nearly 100 churches were planted in the first 3 years of this broadcast. It was this first opportunity that lead to now over 110 countries that enjoy the same type of outreach.

CMI Worldwide Reach

  • 32


    We have recorded programming in 32 languages

  • 110


    We air programming in 110 different countries

  • 215

    Churches Planted

    Over 215 churches have been started as a result of our ministry

Broadcast Map

Broadcasts produced by CMI cover more than 112 countries in 30 languages.

Potential TV viewership

  • Al-Karma TV (Arabic) – 350,000,000

  • Ukraine – 3,000,000

  • Colombia – 50,000,000

  • Nigeria – 8,000,000

  • Venezuela – 500,000

  • Ghana – 35,000,000

  • India (Hour of Harvest) – 1,000,000

  • Hindi language – 615,000,000

  • Other languages in India – 352,800,000

  • Peru – 29,000,000

  • Central America – 13,000,000

  • Iran – 10,000,000

  • Pakistan – 90,000,000

  • Guyana – 3,000,000

  • Total: 1,660,300,000

Building Studios

In 2019 we began the new process of building all of our overseas production studios to create television programming outside of the US. To date, we have six studios outside of the US with plans to finish five more by 2023.

Our Studios

Planting Churches

Despite COVID issues we were able to be part of planting 12 new churches. This year our goal is to plant 70 churches in ten countries.

Training Centers

In addition to building studios and planting churches we plan on building training centers for Pastors and media students in Pakistan, India, and Egypt.

Launching New Broadcasts

We recently launched broadcasts in 18 new countries. This is a mixture of new programs as well as airing older programs on new stations. This brings our total countries to over 112.

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