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Christian Media International exists because we believe that everyone deserves to hear the gospel in their language at least once in their lifetime. We will expend ourselves and resources every day to share Jesus as far and as effective as we can through media and the local church.

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Purpose of CMI

Founded in 2013, Christian Media International is a full-service missions organization. Its purpose is to create Christian Media and air it on international television markets. International media is a wide-open mission field that if properly engaged can help our missionaries, church plants, and national pastors. Its outlets include satellite tv, cable tv, local broadcast television, and internet television.

CMI partners with pastors and missionaries to create the Bible-based video programming that is needed for international outlets. Our priority is to provide the Gospel as well as Biblical principles in the native
languages of the countries we air in.

How We Accomplish Our Mission


Build and maintain 15 Television studios around the world. We Currently Have 9 – United States (Georgia), Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria, Ukraine, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana.


Train studio staff to produce the needed content.

Our Studios


Produce programming in the top 100 languages. We have recorded in 33 languages to date.

Full Language Archive


Air the produced programming in the countries where the languages are spoken. We currently air in 190 of the 195 Countries in the world.

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Work with churches on the ground to follow up with any responses from the programming.


Help and/or facilitate the planting of additional churches in these areas where programming is being aired. We have planted 240+ to date in Pakistan, Ukraine, India, Venezuela, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico, and Romania.

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