CMI USA Studio

Our studio in the United States is in Dawsonville, GA. This is the most complete and professional studio in our list of studios that Christian Media International has either built or has full access to use. Our studio here is located just at the base of the North Georgia Mountains and is linked to a business called Prospace Studios. When preachers come to record here we have the ability to shoot a lot of additional types of footage because of the state-of-the-art elements that are within the studio.

The Network

We have recorded more programming here in the United States than any other location. That will soon change as we continue to build more studios around the world and the languages and content increase. Content produced here airs on networks across North, Central and South America.

The Opportunity

  • 200

    Churches Planted

    Over 200 churches have been started as a result of our ministry

  • 32


    We have recorded programming in 32 different languages

  • 110


    Our broadcasts air in over 110 countries

We are grateful for your willingness to partner together with us by assisting in the completion of the studio in 6th of October in, Alexandria Egypt. This truly is an answer to our prayers. We look forward to meeting and working with the men of Christian Media International soon. God allowed me the opportunity a couple of years ago to bring Dr. Seabury Nybero to the studio in Dawsonville Georgia where I met Bro Dave, Bro Ron, and Bro Wilson. I was impressed with the ministry, and how smoothly things were accomplished there. You guys have done a wonderful job getting the Gospel around the world and we are excited about the opportunity to see the Gospel furthered to the Arabic-speaking populations around the world. Please, continue to pray with us over this project. If you need any information about this area and ministry please reach out to us.
Paster Andrews in Egypt
Praise the Lord that my messages have been aired through satellite TV six days a week as well as via radio. Two of my old friends (Abrahim and Behrooz) from my hometown (Germi) in Iran contacted me through WhatsApp after watching my programs on TV. One of them was a singer who sings at weddings with his orchestra group. They both said that they saw me on TV and they were proud of me for being a Christian and preaching on TV. They both were against Islam and open to the Gospel. Some of my relatives and family members, including my mother, told me that they have been watching my program on satellite TV. It was hard for me to believe that the Gospel could ever go to my hometown since it is a small, poor town in the northwest of Iran, with so little facilities; but the Gospel has already spread in that little town! That tells me that probably every city in Iran has been covered with the Gospel. Praise God!
A viewer in Iran

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