CMI Studio in Pakistan

We are raising money for the construction of the ninth CMI Studio in the country of Pakistan. With 98.8% of the population claiming Islam, the need for the Gospel is very evident in Pakistan. Even though Christianity is persecuted in Pakistan, there are pockets of believers growing across the country. Within Pakistan there are still 502 unreached people groups who remain in darkness. Too often we take the fact that we have the gospel readily available for granted. Would you take some time and pray for the country of Pakistan over the coming days. The need there for the gospel is great, and we serve a God Who does great things all the time!

Upcoming Studio Builds

  • Mexico

  • India

  • Ghana

No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there is someone who hasn’t heard it once. – Oswald J. Smith

Studio, Bible College and Churches in India

We currently partner with Pastor Maher in southern India and air on television all over the country in the Tamil language. God has opened doors for a new tv studio and we will begin construction within the next 30-60 days. This new studio will allow us to produce multiple programs in multiple languages there in India. With this constantly growing population, we will use multiple television stations and hundreds of pastors all over the country to saturate India with the gospel.

The Laos Bible Project

CMI has partnered with FBMI and Laotian nationals to translate the Bible into the Lao language for the Laotian people. Here you will see what it takes to translate the Bible and the work that goes into this process. Also, you will hear about our trip into this communist closed country.

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