CMI Venezuela Studio

The studio in Venezuela is one that was created for the use of Pastor Victor Paez and the ministry of Iglesia Biblica Bautista De Vista Alegre located in Caracas Venezuela. Pastor Paez and the students of Semanario Bautista de Venezuela use it to produce televisions and radio programming in the Spanish language to saturate Venezuela and the surrounding countries with the gospel.

The Network

The population of Venezuela is a little over 28 million people and as has been followed in the news these people have had very difficult times. The Good News of Jesus Christ is a welcome thing for millions of people here who now have the opportunity to receive this eternal hope.

The Opportunity

  • 3.2%

    Venezuela is very open to the Gospel. The Evangelical growth rate is climbing 3.2% annually.

  • 28 MM

    The population of Venezuela is a little over 28 million people

  • .72

    The average income in Venezuela is approximately only .72 cents per day

By Gods grace and the help of CMI we have been able to build a media center for our Bible College students, produce television programs, radio programs, and reach many millions of Venezuelans.8 years ago when I met brother Eddie Wilson he inspired a vision to reach our country through media. He since that date has given us tens of thousands of dollars to further that cause.CMI has donated all of the money for our media lab at the college. This has seen over 300 students trained to produce media as they have gone out and started their ministries. I know of at least 6 pastors who have radio and television ministries because of this training. Brother Eddie has partnered with each of these men to provide them support for their ministries as well.CMI paid to have our television broadcast on the air for 6 years until 2019 when the government revoked our license to broadcast.CMI paid and continues to pay for our radio programs that airs on 2 national radio stations.CMI during the pandemic shipped us all new equipment to further our digital reach. We use that equipment each week to reach thousands of people who are not allowed to leave their homes.It is our estimation in the past eight years of partnership we have preached the gospel to millions of people in our country and have had thousands of converts. We are eternally grateful for the partnership and look forward to rejoicing in heaven one day over the souls that were saved and the lives that were changed.
Pastor Victor Paez

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