In traditional corporate marketing there are always three P’s taught:

Product, Price, and Promotion

I would say that these three principles still apply when you are speaking about “marketing” a church.

First, I would say that my definition for Marketing is- “The management of perception.” Here is how these three principles apply to a church-

Product– Obviously we have the best product in the world. The value of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can not be measured. However the common first time church attendee only can see Jesus through their personal experience with the Christians they meet in life or in a church. The question I would ask myself if I was a church leader would be- Does the attendee experience represent the person of Jesus Christ well? That is your product…

Price– In this day and age the question that people are asking more than anything is- Is this item or service worth the cost I am paying. Especially with the millennial generation they gage the time they will spend with the corresponding return they receive in value. The price equation comes down to the question you should ask yourself- Is there enough value in your church service for the time that is being exchanged?

Promotion– You may have the greatest product at the greatest price but if no one knows about it than what value does it actually have. I think this is the problem with most ministries today. They do not have enough exposure. This comes in different ways but I would ask myself – What did I do this past week that gives a larger audience more exposure to the product and the price.

Church business is the greatest business in the whole world. Lets work hard at the three P’s of Church Marketing.

-Eddie Wilson