For years I have heard that God can use anyone…   I have witnessed His power on display with the “least of these.”

I have witnessed the modern day “widows mite” in India with a leper woman who gave so that others can hear the gospel. I have seen God work through children in Central America.

Even though it is seemingly difficult I have also seen God touch the heart of the rich and affluent. It does not happen as regularly as the poor, but in many countries where he is doing great things I have seen the most affluent, and those with the most opportunity coming to Christ and sacrificing greatly.

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Most, seeing this know my past, and know that I am invited often to speak of my experiences in the business world, and so you also know I do not speak on ideology that I am unwilling to live out myself.

I believe that it is time in these last days for those who have means to sacrifice. To live beneath our means so that the world can hear the gospel, so that churches can be built, so lives can be changed.

This was evidenced to me again this week as I have seen a man who served in the police force in Thailand and then served as a lawyer who chose to give up his profession and serve Christ with his life. This man is making a major impact in Thailand.

I met a man who was a judge in Myanmar who now has started over 20 churches, has multiple orphanages and a passion to reach his country for Christ. He has given up his place of affluence to work for the King of Kings.

God can complete his will without us, but for a second let me describe what he is willing to do with you. As a business man myself there is no greater joy in this life than looking into the eyes of a man or a woman who has been reached by sacrifice. There is great joy in going to an orphanage where there is seemingly no hope, but know that Jesus Christ is all the hope that the orphan needs. It is seeing the gray hair of an older man or woman who has for 60+ years believed in something that has given them no hope, but sacrifice gives them hope beyond this life.

Friend, I can not implore you with strong enough words… If you have means… if God has blessed you with ability or resources they were not intended to waste. They were not simply given for your comfort or to pass to the next generation. They were intended by a holy God to spread the message of reconciliation. God wants us to use what we have both in mind and in the physical to tell the world that they can have a relationship with Him, that He loves them, and that eternity will be treacherous without Him.

Will you chase your earthly dreams, invest only in earthly things or will you experience Joy and Happiness in a partnership with God that reaches others?

God can use anyone that is willing, and see everything in their possession as HIS!