The Church Across the street is taking your members…It’s not because of the PREACHING!

Dr Charles Keen and I were talking at a recent Missions Conference, and he said something that I believe was revolutionary and yet so simple. He asked me what the difference was between all of the people presenting at the conference. He expressed that it was not their passion or necessarily their methods. He said it was their presentation… (specifically their media) He said after attending thousands of conferences it truly was the presentation that garnered support from the churches.

I believe the SAME holds true for YOUR CHURCH. What sets you apart from the church down the street? Is it your passion or your desire to make an impact on your community? Most likely it is how you present your passion, your methods, and ultimately your doctrine.

The Christian Media Institute being held in Durham, NC this coming week (September 11th) is there to help you with such a problem. Independent Baptist are typically generations behind in their presentation. I believe that the group I have assembled to help YOU, will take your media to the next level. Each one of the men teaching in our ONE day workshop has an expertise in the secular world, but a passion to use it to further the gospel!

Don’t miss your opportunity to set your church apart! Sign Up for the Christian Media Institute One Day Workshop and bring the people who help you with your media to invest in them and your church! Go to to sign up!

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