This month has been one of the greatest months in Christian Media International’s short existence.

It starts a little over a year ago when after placing a broadcast on in the U.S. I received a phone call from Columbus, Ohio. A man who was traveling through turned on the tv and saw the broadcast that I had put out. This man had a strong Indian accent, and demanded that he speak with the one who was responsible for placing this broadcast on the air.  After I reluctantly told him I was responsible he told me that his name was Israel and that he was moved by the broadcast and wanted us to help him get gospel programming into India. He then told me that he owned Velugu TV one of the largest independent broadcast organizations in India. He was convicted by the Spirit of God and wanted to do more for his people. After going to the government and requesting permission to air religious programming he was finally given the ok.

            Before the formation of CMI I have been trying to get a broadcast launched in India. While we were preparing the production of the broadcast I still did not have the cost cared for, but felt that it was our responsibility to do all that we could do and prepare to go on in India. Just this past month I was preaching at a Missions Conference on the north side of Atlanta and God touched the heart of a senior saint who stepped forward and gave enough money to cover the entire years worth of broadcasting in India.

            I am sure by now you can see God’s hand moving. He moved in the heart of Velugu TV’s owner, my production staff in producing the programming, and now the senior saint who sacrificially gave. This month it all culminated in our first week of broadcasting in India to a potential audience of over 1 billion people. I know that is hard to fathom as it is for me, but now almost anywhere in India someone can turn on their television and hear the gospel. In a country where Hindu gods are dominant and the American missionary is shunned the gospel can be heard in the privacy of their homes and the Spirit of God can do a mighty work!

            Please pray that our endeavor will bring millions to Christ in India. If you would like to be a part of what God is doing through CMI please email me at