In January we finished producing programs in Mandarin Chinese as well as Korean and they will be added to our languages on within the next 30 days

* We secured a brand television new outlet in Brazil and will be traveling there soon to finalize the contracts.

* We are working on getting a pastor from Nepal to the CMI studios in Georgia. Please pray that his Visa will be approved. We have a television network in Nepal that is anxiously awaiting Christian programming.

* We have confirmation that our Romanian broadcast will begin March 1st on Credo TV and will cover all of Romania and parts of Hungary

Recent Testimonials-
*Lao Bible translation project –“Last year, we were able to reach our goal 2-3 months before the year end which was the book of Job, this year our goal is to start from the book of Psalm to the book of Malachi if God willing, please pray for the three of us as we work together that God will guide us and give us knowledge and understanding how to do it and make it right, easy to use and be acceptable to all people in Laos.” – Khamphai

*“Dear friends as you know that I am speaking on Ukrainian TV for years now. Today I got phone call from Kiev from one man which got saved just while ago after watching my program. I asked him about his family and he just reported that his wife called me one year ago and asked me to pray for her son, so I even forgot about that, but God did miracle. Their son was sick and I was praying for him through phone as they called me, so after that they started to visit local church and now they are members of church.” – Pastor Paul Dudka, Ukraine