When I agreed to allow a group of our men to develop a media ministry at our church I didn’t really appreciate how it would help or benefit our church. Now I can’t understand why we didn’t utilize media from the very beginning. Here are a few of the blessings I have seen from our media ministry.

I used to think only in terms of what was happening inside the building. [bctt tweet=”I used to think only in terms of what was happening inside the building. ” username=”ChristianMedia9″] Who I was preaching to, who was walking the aisle, etc. I was only ministering to those who attended and I was frustrated by the many who missed each week. Then we began to livestream each service. I started getting reports from many absentees stating they enjoyed a great message while out of town, on vacation, at home sick, stuck in traffic, etc. Needless to say, much of my frustration was soothed with the understanding that people were getting the message even if they weren’t in the room, and that they really wanted to hear it even if they were away. The blessings continued to come as shut-ins let me know how special it was to feel like they were a part of the church again because we had set up their TV’s to receive the stream and they could see every service in its entirety.

Then we began to see groups form outside of our membership that were watching regularly. A group of police officers at their precinct, a group at a nursing home in Switzerland, a lady in California, a neighborhood group meeting at a community center to enjoy our VBS program, a group of high school students meeting on Wednesday evenings to watch our mid-week service, extended family of our members… are real examples of our ministry extending outside of the auditorium and into the field. We don’t count these people in our attendance nor does the offering plate pass by them, but in one year alone we had reports of over 200 people accepting Christ through watching our services via live stream.

In addition to these blessings I watched as adults and youth were trained to run cameras, video switchers, produce broadcasts and edit video footage each week. People that wanted a place to serve were now a vital part of a major ministry in our church. This has become a large group of workers and they are some of the most faithful to all the services.

Each week the media ministry allows the preaching from our pulpit to extend around the world. Our missionaries enjoy watching their home church. Our services are edited and sent out to markets around the world. In India alone, we get thousands of responses each month from the rebroadcast of our services. At last count over 30 churches have been started from the converts of this broadcast. Media has allowed our church to fulfill the commission to carry the Gospel around the world.

The blessings go on and on, literally, as sermons are archived and made available on our website. People share messages with family, friends and coworkers. It’s not unusual for someone who is struggling in an area to get a recommendation to watch a particular message in our video library. In addition to regular visitation and soul winning, people also use our media to share our ministry each week.  Our announcements have become full color videos that get much more attention than bulletins did, we don’t spend the money printing them and our guests get a 21st century experience. Media has moved our church into the new generation without compromising our traditional values.

These are a few of the reasons I highly recommend the media ministry to churches.

Dr. Charles Blackstock
Lighthouse Baptist Church – Dawsonville, GA