We Need Preachers!


We need preachers or missionaries who speak foreign languages who have a passion to preach to millions of people.

Lighthouse Global Studios is a subsidiary ministry of Christian Media International, and is located in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Its purpose is to produce television programing that preaches the gospel to go out around the world. Currently our studio is working on programs in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Right now however, CMI has opportunities to put television programing on in- Africa, Europe, Russia, India, Central America, and South America just to name a few.

Right now we are in desperate NEED of preachers who speak the following languages who would be willing to give up about a week of their time or would be willing to stop in while they are on furlough.


We have a few speakers lined up in the upcoming months including- Pastor Ezekiel Salazar who will preach in Spanish and Justus Banuel who will speak a few Indian dialects including Telugu. Maybe you can help! If you speak another language or if you know of someone who might be a great candidate please reply to this email.

Personal Update-
I am currently still traveling full time to raise support for this great work, as well as for my family. If you would allow me I would like to present CMI and the opportunities around the world for us to partner to preach the Gospel! Many churches are taking us on as a part of their missions budget and impacting millions of lives with their investment!