Churches and a CMI Studio In India

Christian Media International is very excited to partner with Pastor Philip Ninan of India to build our next studio. We already have relationships with television outlets in India so the excitement to be able to have our own studio in-country is a great advantage to us. Maybe the most beneficial reason to partner with Pastor Ninan is because he has a network of pastors that will allow us to record an additional 12 plus languages. If you consider the additional tribal languages it is possible to reach nearly 20 languages to record and broadcast to the soon-to-be largest country in the world. The need is to raise $70,000 dollars. This budget will provide the equipment, the cost of construction for the room, travel, and labor. It is an exciting thing to give and to realize millions of people will hear the gospel because of your donation.

The Opportunity

In 2025 India will have the largest population of any country in the world. Partner Philip Ninan has Dual Citizenship allowing him to easily travel to and from the US to India. He lives locally here in Atlanta, GA, allowing for even better communication and partnership.

They have just purchased 30 acres of land in India and have already begun construction on the property with plans to build a campus with a church, Bible College with dormitories, chapel building, multi-purpose building, soccer field, orphanages, and a hospital.

We will need to raise the funds to have a 10-foot high ceiling studio inside the building of the men’s dormitory. This studio will provide a massive opportunity to reach the majority of the 1 billion people who live in India. The preachers connected to their ministry speak a minimum of 10 different languages.

Watch our video of construction beginning and please consider joining us to get this project built.

The Opportunity

  • 2025

    In 2025 India will have the largest population of any country in the world.

  • 79.8%

    Hindus make up 79.8% of India’s population and Muslims account for 14.2%; Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains account for most of the remaining 6%.

  • 27.8 MM

    Christianity is India’s third-largest religion after Hinduism and Islam, just ahead of Sikhism and Buddhism with about 27.8 million adherents

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