Since the inception of CMI over two years ago, God continues to give us more opportunities than we can fulfill.

We began this ministry by broadcasting into India, and now over 75+ countries around the world hear the message of the gospel through CMI.  Now we have outlets in over 20 more countries that are willing to partner with us. Please pray about what you can do to support the ministry of Christian Media International.


CMI and Lighthouse Global Studios has had the opportunity to train young people who volunteer in our ministry. We recently sent them on the road to film and broadcast The National Old Time Youth Rally in Hickory, NC. Thousands were able to watch by video streaming around the world. We are proud of the young people who serve with us in the ministry.

CMI is also excited to announce that through our partnerships with broadcasters in India we now reach 73 of the 74 provinces in the country. We have helped plant over 35 churches there through broadcasting the gospel and following up on thousands of responses we get there.


Government officials in Turkey are reviewing a years worth of Arabic programing to determine if they will allow us to air it on television there. Please pray that they will allow us to broadcast the programs that we already have completed.

We are still in need of $3,000 to launch a new Russian program that we just completed. Our coverage is all of Russia and Canada.

We also need around $13,000 to finish our new studios in Dawsonville, GA just north of Atlanta. The building is nearly completed and it will give us a total of 4 studios and much needed office space to mass produce our programs.

Click HERE to give to any of our current projects.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

-Eddie Wilson