Not long ago, I was being interviewed by a young lady, when she asked what I do for a living. I began expressing my passion for media. I explained the exponential effects of a recording that can be seen for years to come and reach people long after you and I are gone. After talking about that for a few minutes, she then asked a question that I totally did not see coming. She asked, “Media is obviously your passion, but what is your ‘Plan B’?”

“What is my plan B?” Initially I was going to make a joke of it, as I often do when I don’t want to answer someone’s question. But being a preacher of the Gospel, I was somewhat convicted that I had clearly led her to believe the mere recording of video was my purpose in life. So I smiled and said, “Well, video is clearly a passion of mine, but my true purpose in life is to reach the world with the Gospel. It just so happens that I’ve been given the privilege and opportunity to use my talents and passion to help reach my goal. A goal that will make an eternal impact for Christ.”

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Life coaches, industry leaders, thought leaders, etc.: they can pump you up to move 100 mph toward any given goal. “Become the best.” “Hustle the hardest!” “Find your niche.” What they cannot do for you, though, is help you find the true reason that God put you on this Earth.

We sometimes make the Will of God out to be something that is inconvenient, opposite of our desires, and difficult to attain. However, in my life, I have come to see that God gave me talents, abilities, desires, and passions that He ultimately uses for His glory. As a child, I was enamored with photography, video, and eventually computers.  I could not get enough of technology. I was the kid that would take a perfectly good toy and disassemble it into a million pieces because I loved to get into the middle of the “tech world.”

Nearly 20 years later, I find myself enjoying assembling equipment that will be used to capture high-quality recordings that will be sent into closed countries, where potentially millions could hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am truly enjoying using my talents, to fulfill my purpose, and make an eternal difference.

Christian Media International is more than “content.” It is more than “technology.” It is more than “broadcasting.” To me, it is a way to use my talents and abilities, to do my part, to reach the world with the Gospel in my generation. To some, it is a place to invest where they know they will get the best ROI (return on investment). To others, it is a place to use their talents.

We all have talents, abilities, opportunities, etc. The question is, “What is your purpose?” That one may take a little longer to figure out.

Then lastly, “What are you doing to make an eternal difference?”  God did not leave you here to use your talents for yourself. He has given you talents and opportunities so that you will ultimately use them towards your purpose: an eternal purpose.