Fall 2017 CMI Update

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Don't miss the quarterly updates given by CMI each quarter to update each and every person who has given and prayed to make this ministry possible.

We have many updates to give. We have included just a few in this newsletter, but you can always go to www.sharecmi.com and our facebook page to see more.

Ukraine- Here is a recent story from Ukrainian Pastor Paul Dudka on how media is working for him in his area. This is in his words:

Dear friends today we traveled over 50 miles to a very far place in the mountains. I came to one house and found out there are two people there. I came in and started to talk to the people which you can see in the picture. After talking to them for 5 minutes, the man said: can I ask you a question. I said yes, please. He said, you look like one of the TV preachers that we are watching on TV. God opened our hearts one day when we were watching his preaching. You look like him… Then I started to talk to them and found out they are talking about my TV programs and they got saved a while ago when they were watching my TV programs. Wow, wow, you can’t imagine what I felt at that time. I again explained to them the Gospel of Jesus and after talking to them about 2 hours we were praying together and I took this picture for the CMI team. – Pastor Paul Dudka
*We praise the Lord for reports just like this one that come in each month!

Pakistan- We are currently working with undisclosed pastors and television outlet to deliver the gospel all over Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan. You can imagine how delicate this situation is. Much of the region would not be in favor of us spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Please pray that God’s will be done here, and that we will be protected as we reach into this very dangerous place. We are planning a trip in the very near future and have to raise nearly $10,000 to do so. This trip will give us a years worth of gospel programming with 3-4 pastors. It will also air on a very national outlet 5 days per week for one hour each day. If you are interested in the details please email eddie@sharecmi.com. We will not be publishing much on this trip (until afterwards) or the details of what we are doing due to the safety of our team and the pastors involved.

Current Programs- We currently have programs recorded in the following languages and are in need of funds to place them on the air-

The average cost of a broadcast that reaches millions is $22. If you are interested in our Compassion Partners project to get these programs to air to millions of people please visit- https://sharecmi.com/compassion-partners/

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Eddie graduated from The Ohio State University School of Broadcasting with a degree in Broadcast Sales and Marketing. He studied marketing at Georgia Tech and business management at Emory University. His degree in Theology is from Hyles- Anderson College. He is now the President of Affinity Worldwide and speaks at business conferences across the country. His passion for using Media to reach the world with the gospel keeps him on the road helping churches and missionaries alike understand how to best use the tools that we have been given to be most effective.

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